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The National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC), AIIMS, New Delhi in collaboration with the Government of India, offers courses for professionals working in the field of Addiction

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NDDTC functions under All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. We provides clinical services and are involved in research activities along with capacity building training programme for medical professionals working in the field of Substance Use Disorders.

Online Course

It is now well established fact that medical treatment forms the cornerstone in management of SUDs.  These online training programs are designed to help all those medical professionals working in the treatment of addictive disorders who do not find time to attend offline training courses.


We have compiled a list of online resources to help medical professionals working in the area of Substance Use Disorder (SUDs), individuals seeking treatment for SUDs or anyone interested in learning more about Substance Use Disorders in general and the treatment provided.

Why learn about addiction?

Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) is a major public health problem in India. The recent National survey on magnitude of substance use in India shows that alcohol, cannabis and opioids are the three major categories of psychoactive substance used in India. The figures are worrying.

The study also brought out a large gap between demand and availability of treatment services for individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) in the country.
The vision of this training programmes is to facilitate capacity building by providing easy access to offline as well as online treatment training to the medical officers working in the area of Substance Use Disorders.
The doctor can enrol into the programme after signing up for the course and can access the online programme on her computer from the comfort of his clinic or home. Revisit and ask doubts to the experts.

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