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It is well-recognized that substance use disorders (SUD) are major public health problems. The number of people suffering from SUD continues to increase. There are effective treatments available for management of SUD. Unfortunately, we do not have well-trained cadre of service providers for management of SUD. Management of SUD is not taught in most medical / paramedical courses.

Classroom trainings on SUD can help bridge this gap and build the capacity of service providers working in this area. These training are often of varied duration from five days to three months. This would entail the service providers to be away from their homes/ workplace which may be logistically difficult. Also, the quality of classroom training is subject to the quality of resource persons delivering the training, and may vary across trainings.

The advantage of these OTPs is that these sessions can be accessed by the participants any time or at any place based on their comfort. The participant can complete the lessons at her pace and can revisit the lessons as many times as necessary. The OTP also helps in standardizing the training imparted by the experts.

To address these challenges, NDDTC, AIIMS, has come up with online training programs (OTP) on various aspects of substance use disorders. These online training programs are developed by experts who are themselves involved in treatment of SUD and in conducting classroom trainings. The OTPs comprise of several modules and lessons in the form of presentations with voiceover by the experts. There are also videos that demonstrate specific skills required in providing treatment, such as assessment or specific type of counselling. In addition, there are interactive quizzes in between the lessons to keep the audience engaged during the learning process. Also the pre-test and post-test questions help in assessment of the knowledge gained by the participants.

It is hoped that the OTP will help bridge the gaps in capacity building efforts in the area of management of substance use disorders.

The courses focus on Management of Alcohol Use Disorder and Management of Opioid Use Disorder.

The courses focus on Management of Alcohol Use Disorder and Management of Opioid Use Disorder.

These courses give a brief overview of Alcohol and Opioids, their detoxification, short term and long term pharmacological management.

They are freely available for anyone working in the area of treating Substance Use Disorders and/ or anyone interested in learning more about Management of Alcohol and Opioid use disorders.

Crash Course

These are two online crash courses released keeping in view the current Covid -19 pandemic situation in the country.

NISD Course

The course consists of 10 modules. The modules cover a brief overview of the common addictive substances, their short term and long term effect on the individual’s physical and mental health, their adverse effects on his/ her family, occupational and social functioning, the pharmacological management and psychosocial interventions available to treat the disorder.

The training is modular with several sections within each module. Along with presentation there are videos, voice-overs, and other interactive activities in the sections to make the programme engaging for the participants.

The total duration of the training using this online module is about 30 hours. The participant is required to cover the module over 15 days (maximum of 30-45 days) duration, spending about two hours per day.

At the end of the training, after successfully going through the online tests, a digital certificate would be provided to the participants, confirming their participation in the online programme.

National Drug Dependence Treatment Centre (NDDTC) functions under the aegis of the Department of Psychiatry, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi. It is a national centre recognised as such by the Drug De-Addiction Programme, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The centre is funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

NDDTC provides clinical care to persons presenting with substance use disorder. It has a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, medical social service officers, and laboratory personnel to provide outpatient and inpatient services for addictive disorders. It also runs community clinics in different locations of Delhi, India. 

The centre is also involved in various research activities related to the field of substance use disorders. It also collaborates with various Governmental agencies as well as international agencies, including the World Health Organization and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  The centre also takes lead in building the capacity of various cadres of service providers. It has produced various manuals on substance use disorder and conducts training for various government agencies.


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